What’s a Good Rod and Reel for Walleye Fishing?

Walleye fishing is a popular pastime among anglers, and choosing the right rod and reel combination can make a huge difference in your success. It’s important to select the right gear for walleye fishing because walleyes are sensitive to light and pressure, so you’ll need a rod and reel that can cast with precision, accuracy and sensitivity.


When it comes to rods for walleye fishing, you should look for something with a medium to medium-heavy power rating. You want something that is going to be able to handle the weight of the fish without snapping your line or giving in too much.

A good length is between 6-7 feet as this will give you plenty of casting distance when needed as well as provide good leverage against bigger fish. Also look for rods made from graphite or fiberglass materials as these are more sensitive than other materials and will help you feel even the slightest nibble from a walleye.


For reels, you should look for something with a smooth retrieve rate that is easy to use and adjust. The reel should have enough line capacity to handle bigger walleyes but still be lightweight so that it won’t tire your arm out quickly when casting all day long.

Spinning reels are best for this type of fishing but baitcasting reels can also work depending on your preferences. Just make sure that whatever reel you choose has an adjustable drag system so that you can set it according to the size of fish you’re Targeting.


Overall, selecting the right rod and reel combination for walleye fishing is very important if you want to maximize your success on the water. Look for rods with medium-heavy power ratings between 6-7 feet in length made from graphite or fiberglass materials, paired with spinning or baitcasting reels with adjustable drags and enough line capacity to tackle larger fish without becoming too heavy or cumbersome. With the right gear in hand, you’ll be sure to have more luck catching those tasty walleyes!

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