What Was the Fishing Pole Called in Grumpy Old Men?

Grumpy Old Men, a classic American romantic comedy released in 1993, follows the story of two lifelong rivals, John Gustafson (Jack Lemmon) and Max Goldman (Walter Matthau). The two elderly men have been feuding for years, but things take a turn when a young woman named Ariel (Ann-Margret) moves into town.

As the two men battle for Ariel’s affections, they also find themselves competing for the biggest catch of the season. This leads to an eventful fishing trip that eventually brings them together again in an unlikely way.

The fishing pole used by John and Max during their trip is called a “Grumpy Old Men Special.” It’s a unique combination of an old-fashioned cane pole and modern technology that enables anglers to go after larger fish.

The pole is made from bamboo and has three sections – the tip section, middle section, and butt section – all connected by line guides. The Grumpy Old Men Special also features a built-in reel with adjustable drag settings that allow anglers to cast farther without having to manually reel in line.

The Grumpy Old Men Special is designed to be used in any water body—from streams to lakes—and comes with several attachments including a cork handle, removable rod holder, three lure compartments, and an attached spool with extra line. It also has an adjustable length so anglers can customize it to their individual needs.


The fishing pole used by John Gustafson and Max Goldman in Grumpy Old Men was called the “Grumpy Old Men Special.” This unique combination of old-fashioned cane poles and modern technology enables anglers to go after larger fish with ease.

The Grumpy Old Men Special is designed for any water body and comes with several attachments making it suitable for any angler’s needs.

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