What Type of Fishing Do You Use Braided Line For?

Braided line is one of the most popular types of fishing line used today. There are many reasons why fishermen love using braided lines, but chief among them is its strength.

Braided lines are incredibly strong, and the tight weave of the strands makes it highly resistant to abrasion and fraying. This makes it perfect for a variety of fishing techniques.

One type of fishing technique that often uses braided line is baitcasting. Baitcasting requires the angler to cast their line with precision accuracy, so using a strong and reliable line like braided line is essential. It’s also perfect for deep sea fishing, as the strength of the line allows it to handle the heavy weights needed to get down into deeper waters.

Braided lines are also great for trolling. Since they have little stretch, they’re ideal for keeping your lure in place without any slack in the line. They can also handle heavier lures which makes them great for trolling larger game fish.

Another common use for braided lines is jigging. Jigging requires a heavy weight on a light line so that you can feel when you get a bite or when there’s tension on your lure. Braided lines provide just the right combination of weight and sensitivity, so they’re perfect for this type of fishing.


Braided line is an incredibly versatile type of fishing line that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s strong enough to handle heavy weights and precise enough to make accurate casts, making it ideal for baitcasting, deep sea fishing, trolling, and jigging.

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