What Time Does Lake Pleasant Open for Fishing?

When it comes to fishing in Arizona, Lake Pleasant is one of the most popular spots. The lake is located just north of Phoenix, making it a great destination for anglers from all over the state. But when does this lake open for fishing?

Lake Pleasant is open year-round for fishing, however special seasonal regulations may apply in certain areas. During the summer months, the lake opens at 4:30am and closes at 11:00pm.

During the winter months, the lake opens at 5:00am and closes at 10:00pm. It’s important to note that these times are subject to change depending on weather and other factors.

Fishing is allowed from boats or from shorelines that are accessible by vehicle. Boats must remain within 200 feet of shorelines or designated areas while fishing, and they must follow all posted signs and speed limits while on the water. Anglers should also take caution when wading in shallow areas, as there are many submerged rocks that can cause injuries.

In addition to fishing, there are plenty of other activities for visitors to enjoy at Lake Pleasant such as camping, hiking, bird watching, kayaking and more. Visitors should also check out nearby Havasu National Wildlife Refuge which offers excellent birding opportunities in addition to other outdoor activities.


Lake Pleasant is open year-round for fishing with special seasonal regulations which can vary depending on weather conditions and other factors. The lake typically opens at 4:30am during summer months and 5:00am during winter months with closing times of 11:00pm and 10:00pm respectively. There are plenty of other activities available in this area such as camping, hiking, bird watching and more.

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