What States Allow Freshwater Spearfishing?

Freshwater spearfishing is an exciting and rewarding sport that can be enjoyed in many parts of the world. It is a great way to get closer to nature, hone your outdoor skills, and have a unique angling experience. But before you can start spearing fish in freshwater, you need to know what states allow it.

The regulations on freshwater spearfishing vary from state to state. In some states like Alabama, Michigan, and Virginia, it is illegal to take any kind of fish with a spear or bow. Other states like Florida and Georgia allow it in certain areas but require a special permit or license to do so.

In California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho you can legally spearfish for certain species of fish like bass and catfish with a pole spear or Hawaiian sling. The size of the fish must meet certain regulations established by the state game commission.

In some states like Colorado and Utah you are allowed to take specified species of fish with a bow or spear as long as you abide by any local laws pertaining to fishing with these weapons. It is also important to check if there are any special regulations for specific bodies of water before you go out spearing fish in these states.

Texas also allows freshwater spearfishing for catfish but specifies that only hand-held spears or gigs may be used without motorized propulsion devices such as air guns or scuba gear. You must also use barbless hooks when fishing this way in Texas.

Freshwater spearfishing is allowed in many states across the United States but regulations vary from state to state. Some states allow it with no restrictions while others require permits or licenses for certain types of fishing gear or species of fish. It’s always important to research the local rules and regulations before going out on your next freshwater spearing adventure!

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