What Size Rod Is Good for Kayak Fishing?

Kayak fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, catch some fresh fish, and have a relaxing time on the water. But if you want to be successful at kayak fishing, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment.

One of the most important pieces of gear is your fishing rod, which can make or break your experience. So what size rod is good for kayak fishing?

The size of the rod that you need for kayak fishing depends on a few different factors. First, the type of fish that you are Targeting will determine what size of rod you need.

If you are Targeting larger fish such as salmon or steelhead, then you will need a larger and heavier rod than if you were Targeting smaller species like panfish or bass. You also need to consider the type of water that you will be fishing in – if it’s fast-moving water with lots of current, then a heavier and longer rod may be necessary.

Another factor to consider is your personal comfort level when paddling your kayak. If you’re using a longer and heavier rod, it can be difficult to maneuver your kayak with one hand while casting with the other hand. So it’s best to choose a shorter and lighter rod so that it’s easier to control your kayak while still being able to cast well.

If you are just starting out in kayak fishing, then it’s best to go with an all-purpose rod between 5-7 feet in length and medium action (medium power). This will give you enough power for most types of fish while still being easy enough for beginners to handle.


Ultimately, choosing the right size rod for kayak fishing depends on several factors such as what type of fish you want to Target and how comfortable you feel paddling your kayak with one hand while casting with the other. For beginners, an all-purpose medium action rod between 5-7 feet in length is usually sufficient for most types of fish.

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