What Size Pole Should I Use for Bass Fishing?

Bass fishing is a great way to get out in nature and have some fun. It’s important to have the right gear, however, and choosing the right pole can be a daunting task.

Fishing poles come in a variety of sizes with different action and power ratings designed for different types of fish. To help make your decision easier, here is some information on what size pole you should use for bass fishing.

Power Rating

The power rating of the pole is one of the most important factors when determining what size you should use for bass fishing. A low-power rod is best suited for smaller bass species like largemouth or smallmouth bass.

A medium-power rod will work for larger species such as striped bass or bullhead catfish. Finally, a high-power rod can be used for large trophy-sized fish like muskies or northern pike.


The second factor to consider when selecting a pole for bass fishing is action. Action refers to how much flex the rod has when pressure is applied, and it can range from fast action (more stiff) to slow action (more flexible). Fast action rods are better suited for heavier lures and faster retrieves, while slow action rods are ideal for light lures and slow retrieves.


The length of the pole also plays an important role in your selection process. Longer poles are more comfortable to use and provide more casting distance, but they also require more strength and technique which may be difficult if you’re just starting out. Shorter poles are easier to handle but limit your casting distance.


When choosing a pole for bass fishing it’s important to consider your power rating, action, and length requirements. Low-power rods are best suited for smaller species while medium or high-power rods work well with larger species.

Fast action rods handle heavier lures better while slower actions provide more flexibility. Ultimately, the right size pole will depend on your individual needs so make sure to do your research before making your purchase!

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