What Size Pole Is Best for Trout Fishing?

Trout fishing can be an exciting and rewarding activity. It’s important to have the right gear in order to have a successful outing, including the right size pole.

Different trout fishing poles come in a variety of sizes, so it can be hard to know which size is best for trout fishing. Here’s some information to help you choose the right pole for you.

Length: The length of your pole will depend on where you’re fishing and what type of trout you’re hoping to catch. If you’re fishing in small streams or creeks, a shorter pole will be easier to maneuver around obstacles like rocks and trees.

For larger rivers and lakes, a longer pole will give you more cast range and allow you to cover more water. Generally, poles from 6-10 feet are ideal for most trout fishing situations.

Action: The action of your pole is also important when it comes to trout fishing. A medium or medium-light action is ideal for most situations, as it gives you enough power to cast easily but still allows for sensitivity when playing a fish. This will make it easier to detect strikes from lighter biting trout.

Power: The power rating of your pole should also be considered when choosing the right size for trout fishing. A light or ultra-light power rating is best for smaller trout species like brookies or rainbows, while a medium light or even medium rated rod could be better suited for larger species like browns or lake trout.


Choosing the right size pole for trout fishing is an important part of having a successful outing. Poles that are 6-10 feet long with a medium or medium-light action and a light or ultra-light power rating are ideal for most situations involving smaller species of trout like brookies and rainbows. However, if you’re Targeting larger species like browns or lake trout then going with a medium light or even medium rated rod may be better suited for the job.

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