What Size Leader Line Should I Use for Trout Fishing?

Fishing for trout is a challenging and rewarding experience. Knowing the right leader line size is essential to catching these prized fish. The right size leader line can help you land more trout and make for a successful fishing trip.

The size of the leader line you use for trout fishing will depend on several factors including the type of trout, water depth, water clarity, type of rod and reel you are using and the presentation of your bait or lure. For example, if you are trolling for lake trout in deep water, you may need a heavier leader than if you were fishing for smaller brook trout in shallow streams.

Generally speaking, for most types of trout fishing a 4-6 pound test is sufficient. This is light enough to allow your bait to move naturally in the water without being too visible to spook the fish, yet strong enough to handle most sizes of trout. If you are using live bait such as worms or minnows then a 6-8 pound test is usually preferable.

If you are using lures like spinners or spoons then a 2-4 pound test should be used. This lighter line allows more flexibility to cast and present your lure more accurately without having too much drag in the water. It also ensures that when a fish strikes your lure it has enough strength to hook it securely.


When it comes to choosing the right leader line size for trout fishing it all depends on what type of trout you’re Targeting and how deep the water is. For most applications 4-6 pound test is suitable but if using live bait or heavier lures then 6-8 or 2-4 pound test should be used respectively. Ultimately by taking into consideration all these factors and selecting an appropriate leader line size based on them will help ensure your success when out fishing for trout.

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