What Size Fishing Pole Do I Need Kids?

When it comes to fishing, size matters. If you’re planning on taking your kids on a fishing trip, you’ll need to make sure that their equipment is the right size for them.

A fishing rod that’s too big or too small can make it hard for your kids to cast, reel in their catches, and even just hold the pole. So what size fishing pole do you need for kids?

The size of the fishing rod you need for your kids depends on a few factors. The first is the age of your child.

Young children will need a shorter rod so that they can handle it easily and with control. Older children may be able to handle a longer rod, but may still want a shorter one if they plan on doing more finesse-style fishing. In either case, it’s best to get a rod that’s at least six feet long.

The second factor is the type of fish you plan on catching. If you’re going after smaller species like panfish or bass, then a lighter rod is best. Heavier rods are better suited for larger species like salmon or catfish.

The third factor is what type of reel you use with your rod. Spinning reels are generally easier for younger children to use and require less strength than baitcast reels.


When choosing a fishing pole for kids, it’s important to consider age, fish species, and reel type when making your purchase. Generally speaking, younger children should get shorter rods designed for lighter species with spinning reels while older children can use longer rods designed for heavier species with baitcast reels.

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