What Rod Should I Use for Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep sea fishing is a sport that can be both exciting and extremely rewarding. It involves the use of various specialized rods and reels to catch large fish from the depths of the ocean.

To ensure that you have the best possible experience when deep sea fishing, it is important to select the right rod for the job.

The type of rod you select will depend on several factors, such as the type of fish you are Targeting, your budget, and your skill level. A good starting point for beginners is a medium-weight spinning rod.

These are typically six to seven feet in length and have a light to medium action. This type of rod is great for Targeting smaller fish like mackerel and tuna, as well as larger species such as marlin and sailfish.

For larger fish like grouper or halibut, you may want to opt for a heavier spinning rod with a faster action. These rods are usually at least seven feet in length and feature thicker blanks with more backbone. They are also better suited for fighting large fish in deeper waters where there may be strong currents or heavy winds.

Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are designed for trolling lures behind a boat or kayak at slow speeds. They usually feature longer lengths (10-12 feet) with extra stiff blanks that can handle large gamefish like tuna or marlin. Trolling rods also feature heavy-duty guides that can withstand long days out on the water without breaking down.


When deciding what rod to use for deep sea fishing, it’s important to consider your Target species, budget, and skill level. Beginners should opt for a medium-weight spinning rod while experienced anglers may prefer a heavier trolling rod with more backbone. By carefully selecting your equipment, you can ensure that your deep sea fishing experience is enjoyable and successful.

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