What Rod Is Best for Surf Fishing?

Surf fishing is an exciting and gratifying form of angling that requires the right rod to make it a successful endeavor. Surf fishing rods should have the necessary features and strength to handle the powerful ocean swells, yet be light enough for anglers to carry with ease on long beach walks. To help you find the right rod for your surf fishing needs, here are some considerations.


A longer rod will give you more reach when casting into the surf and also provide more power when setting the hook. Longer rods also provide better leverage when fighting large fish in rough surf. A general-purpose surf fishing rod should be between 8 and 10 feet in length, but if youโ€™re specifically looking for a casting rod, then a 7-foot long rod is ideal.


The action of a surf fishing rod should be relatively fast. Fast action rods offer more sensitivity so that you can feel when thereโ€™s a bite even in choppy waters. They also allow for better hook sets and reduce the chances of losing big fish.


Surf fishing requires strong rods to hold up against strong waves, big casts, and large fish. Many anglers prefer medium-heavy power rods as they provide enough strength to cast heavy lures into powerful swells, yet still have enough flexibility to help tame fighting fish.


Surf fishing rods are commonly made from graphite or fiberglass materials. Graphite rods are lightweight, sensitive and offer great casting distance but can sometimes be too stiff for larger species of fish. Fiberglass rods are heavier but offer more flexibility so they can handle bigger catches while still providing durability in tough conditions.


When choosing a surf fishing rod, consider length, action, power and materials to find one that best suits your needs. A medium-heavy power 8-10 foot long graphite or fiberglass rod is ideal for most general-purpose surf fishing applications as it provides strength and flexibility while still allowing for great casting distance.

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