What Power Fishing Rod Do I Need?

Fishing rods are an essential tool for any angler, regardless of skill level. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and power ratings.

Knowing which power fishing rod you need for your style of fishing can be a challenge.

Power is the amount of force required to bend the rod when casting and retrieving a lure or bait. A low-power rod is designed to cast light lures and baits, while a higher-power rod is designed for heavier lures and baits. A high-power rod also has more backbone, which allows you to fight larger fish with less effort.

If you’re an experienced angler who regularly fishes in saltwater or deep water, you’ll need a heavier-duty rod that can handle heavier lines and bigger lures or baits. Look for rods with higher power ratings such as medium-heavy or heavy.

For freshwater fishing, a light to medium-light power rating should be sufficient for most applications. These rods are ideal for casting small lures and baits, such as worms and shrimp. They also work well for panfish such as crappie and bluegill.

If you’re just starting out in the sport of fishing, it’s best to stick with a light power rating until you get more experience. This will give you enough flexibility to cast lighter lures without overstressing the rod.


Choosing the right power fishing rod can make all the difference when it comes to successful angling. If you’re fishing in saltwater or deep water, opt for a higher power rating such as medium-heavy or heavy.

For freshwater applications, light to medium-light should suffice. Beginners should start with a light power rating until they gain more experience.

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