What Pound Test Line Should I Use for Crappie Fishing?

Pound Test Line for Crappie Fishing

Most anglers realize the importance of using the right pound test line when fishing for crappie. Not only does it affect the success of your catch, but it can also be a major factor in how much fun you have while out on the water. The wrong line can cause you to lose fish, struggle to cast correctly, and even cause frustration during your fishing trip. So, it’s important to understand what type of line is best for crappie fishing and why.

When choosing a pound test line for crappie fishing, anglers tend to use either monofilament or braided lines. Monofilament is a good choice as it is inexpensive and offers excellent stretch, sensitivity, knot strength, and durability. It also has a higher degree of abrasion resistance than other types of lines which makes it ideal for fishing around structure or rocks.

Braided lines are a great choice as well because they offer extremely high strength and sensitivity. They are also less visible in the water which makes them great for clear lakes and rivers when trying to avoid spooking the fish. However, they do lack some stretch compared to monofilament so they don’t work quite as well when casting or setting hooks on larger fish.

When deciding on a pound test line weight for crappie fishing most anglers go with something between 4 and 10 pounds depending on the size of fish they’re Targeting. If you’re going after smaller panfish like bluegill or sunfish then 4-6 pound test should work fine.

For larger species like white bass or largemouth bass then 8-10 pound test should be sufficient. Of course if you’re unsure then err on the side of caution until you get more experience and figure out what works best in your area.

Overall, choosing the right pound test line when crappie fishing can make all the difference between success and failure out on the water. Monofilament or braided lines both have their advantages so try them out and see which one works best for you given your local conditions and type of fish being Targeted.


When choosing a pound test line for crappie fishing most anglers opt for something between 4-10 pounds depending on the size of their Target species.

Monofilament offers excellent stretch, sensitivity knot strength and durability whereas braided lines offer increased strength with less visibility in clear waters – making them great for avoiding spooking fish. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference combined with local conditions to determine which type of line yields better results so experiment until you find what works best!

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