What Pound Line Should I Use for Trout Fishing?

Trout fishing is one of the most popular forms of fishing as they are abundant in many waters and offer a fun challenge to anglers. Knowing what type of pound line to use when trout fishing can help ensure a successful outing.

When selecting a line for trout fishing, it’s important to consider the type of water you’ll be fishing in, the size of trout you expect to catch, and the type of lure or bait you plan on using. For smaller streams and creeks, a light-weight line from 2-4 lb test is ideal.

This light-weight line will allow for longer casts without spooking fish and maximize sensitivity when setting the hook on strikes. When Targeting larger trout in larger bodies of water like lakes and rivers, heavier lines such as 5-10 lb test are more appropriate. Heavier lines are necessary to combat the current and provide enough strength to land bigger fish.

Another factor to consider when choosing a line for trout fishing is the type of lure or bait you plan on using. For lures like spinners and jigs, using a monofilament line from 8-12 lb test is best as it allows for better casting distance without sacrificing sensitivity needed for setting hooks on strikes. For bait like worms or doughballs, using slightly heavier lines such as 10-15 lb test helps give anglers better control over their presentation.


Choosing a pound line for trout fishing can seem daunting at first but by taking into consideration the type of water being fished, size of trout being Targeted, and type of lure or bait being used, anglers can easily determine which pound line works best for their particular situation. With this knowledge in hand, trout fishermen will be ready to hit the water with confidence!

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