What Percentage of Oxygen Is Used in Gas of Cylinder of Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is an exhilarating and popular sport for those looking for an adventure. As any scuba diver knows, the air in the cylinder of their scuba gear is crucial to their safety.

But what many divers do not know is that the oxygen content in the cylinder is just one element of the dive equation.

The type of gas used in a cylinder of scuba diving depends on a variety of factors, including depth and duration of the dive. Generally speaking, most recreational scuba cylinders contain a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, with the percentage of oxygen ranging from 21% to 40%.

For deeper dives or longer dives, higher concentrations of oxygen may be needed to maintain safety.

The exact percentage of oxygen used in a cylinder of scuba diving will depend on several factors including depth, duration, and type of dive being performed. In general, recreational divers will use a mix containing between 21-40% oxygen whereas technical divers may use mixes with higher concentrations up to 50%.

Safety is always paramount when it comes to scuba diving, so it’s important for divers to ensure that they are using the correct gas mix for their dives. This can be done by consulting with experienced professionals or using specialized tools such as dive computers.


In conclusion, while Oxygen is an essential element in every cylinder used for scuba diving, the exact percentage used will depend on various factors such as depth and duration. Generally speaking, recreational divers typically use mixes containing 21-40% Oxygen while technical divers may use mixes containing up to 50%.

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