What Month Is Best for Walleye Fishing Lake Erie?

Walleye fishing on Lake Erie is one of the most popular activities for both anglers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The lake is home to some of the best walleye fishing in North America, and the fish can be found in huge numbers from April to November. But when is the best time to catch walleye on Lake Erie?

May and June are generally considered to be prime months for walleye fishing on Lake Erie.

During these months, the water temperature is warm enough for walleye to move into shallow waters in search of food. This allows anglers to catch them while they’re actively feeding near the surface. In addition, these months also provide ample opportunity for night-fishing, as walleye are most active at night during these times.

July and August are also good months for walleye fishing on Lake Erie. During these months, the lake’s temperature remains relatively warm, allowing anglers to still find active feeding areas in shallow waters. However, due to seasonal changes, anglers may have difficulty locating concentrations of walleye as they tend to scatter throughout the lake during this time.

September is often considered one of the best times to go walleye fishing on Lake Erie. This is because many anglers believe that September offers a balance between warm water temperatures and large concentrations of active fish in shallow waters. As fall approaches, water temperatures start to cool down and bring large numbers of fish back into shallower areas where they can be easily Targeted by anglers.

October is another great month for walleye fishing on Lake Erie. With cooler water temperatures in place, many fish are attracted into shallow waters where they can feed more easily. In addition, October also brings with it a greater abundance of baitfish which draws large numbers of predatory species like walleye into shoreline areas.

Overall, May through October offer some great opportunities for catching walleyes on Lake Erie. While each month has its own unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to catching this popular gamefish, it ultimately boils down to personal preference as well as local conditions when deciding which month is best suited for your specific needs.

Conclusion: May through October are generally considered the best months for Walleye fishing Lake Erie due to their warm water temperatures and abundance of baitfish that draw larger numbers of Walleys closer towards shorelines during this time period.

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