What Lures Are Good for Lake Fishing?

Lake fishing is a great pastime for anglers of all ages, and with the right lure, you can make your time spent on the lake even more enjoyable. There are many types of lures that have been designed specifically for use in freshwater lakes, each providing unique advantages and intended to attract different species of fish. With so many options available, it is important to understand which lures are most effective when fishing in a lake.

Spinnerbaits are a popular choice for lake fishing and can be used for catching largemouth bass, panfish, and some species of trout. Spinnerbaits feature rotating blades that produce vibrations in the water that mimic that of an injured baitfish. They typically feature one or two hooks at the end and come in an array of sizes and colors, making them an ideal option for anglers looking to Target multiple species.

Crankbaits come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and are effective when Targeting bass. They create flashes and vibrations underwater which helps attract bass from a distance. Crankbaits are typically fished a few feet below the surface but can also be used effectively when trolling along deep drop-offs or near submerged structure.

Jigs are commonly used by anglers Targeting bass as they mimic small baitfish that inhabit lakes. Jigs feature weighted heads that help them sink quickly to depths where fish may be feeding or hiding. Jigs come in various shapes and sizes with colorful skirts designed to attract nearby fish.

Soft Plastics such as worms, grubs, lizards, craws, and creatures provide anglers with plenty of versatility when it comes to lake fishing. Soft plastics can be rigged on jig heads or Texas rigs on either spinning or baitcasting tackle depending on the situation. These lures come in a variety of colors which can help you better match the hatch depending on what type of prey is available during your outing.


When it comes to choosing a lure for lake fishing there is no one-size-fits-all solution as different conditions call for different presentations. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs and soft plastics are all great options when fishing lakes but understanding which lure works best under various scenarios will ultimately make you a more successful angler.

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