What Line Is Best for Streamer Fishing?

Streamer fishing is one of the most popular forms of fly fishing. It involves casting a weighted line with a large, brightly colored artificial bait or lure to attract fish. Streamers are typically fished in the fast moving waters of rivers and streams, where they can be seen by fish and enticed to strike.

Streamer fishing can be an effective way to catch trout, bass, and other species of fish. It requires patience and skill to cast the line accurately in order to maximize its effectiveness. The key to successful streamer fishing is selecting the right type of line for the conditions you’re fishing in.

Fluorocarbon lines are the most common type used for streamer fishing because they are strong, durable, and less visible than monofilament lines. They also sink faster than monofilament lines, which helps keep your streamer in the strike zone longer. Fluorocarbon lines come in a variety of different sizes and weights, so you can choose one that best suits your needs and water conditions.

The downside to using fluorocarbon lines is that they tend to be stiffer than monofilament lines, which can make it difficult to cast accurately. They also cost more than monofilament lines, so if you’re on a budget this may not be your best option.

Monofilament lines are another popular choice for streamer fishing as they are more flexible than fluorocarbon lines and offer better casting accuracy. Monofilament also tends to be more visible in the water than fluorocarbon lines, which can help draw attention from nearby fish. The downside is that monofilament is not as strong or durable as fluorocarbon and will not sink as quickly when cast into deep water.

In general, both types of line have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to streamer fishing. Fluorocarbon offers strength and durability while monofilament offers greater casting accuracy and visibility in the water.

Ultimately, when selecting a line for streamer fishing you should consider your budget and water conditions before making a decision about which type of line is best for you.


When it comes down to choosing between fluorocarbon or monofilament for streamer fishing, both have their pros and cons depending on your budget and water conditions. If you’re looking for something strong yet invisible in the water then fluorocarbon may be your best option while if accuracy is more important then monofilament may be preferable.

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