What Line Do You Use for Jug Fishing?

Jug fishing is a popular method of fishing and brings in a great catch for anglers. It is also a great way to introduce children and young people to fishing in a fun and relaxed environment. Jug fishing is simple and easy, requiring just a few items to get started.

The first item you need for jug fishing is an appropriate jug. The jug needs to be big enough so that it can float in the water but not so big that it won’t stay upright. You can use any type of plastic jug, but milk jugs work best because they are buoyant and have handles on the side which makes them easy to carry.

The next item you will need is some line. For jug fishing, you don’t need fancy or expensive line.

In fact, most anglers use monofilament or braided line as they are strong, durable, and inexpensive. Monofilament line should be at least 8-10lb test while braided line should be 10-15lb test for optimal performance.

You will also need bait for your jugs such as worms, shiners, or crickets depending on what type of fish you are Targeting. A hook should also be attached to the end of your line with a weight placed near the hook to help it sink in the water.


When setting up your jug for fishing, it is important to choose the right line for the job. Monofilament or braided lines are great choices as they are strong and durable while being relatively inexpensive too. Depending on what type of fish you are Targeting, you will also need to have appropriate bait attached at the end of your line with a weight placed near the hook.

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