What Lake Has the Best Crappie Fishing?

When it comes to finding the best crappie fishing spots, different anglers have their own opinions. Some of the most popular lakes for crappie fishing include Lake of the Woods in Minnesota, Lake Taneycomo in Missouri, and Kentucky Lake in Tennessee. Each of these lakes offers unique advantages for crappie fishing.

Lake of the Woods is renowned for its deep, clear waters, making it an ideal spot for anglers to locate and Target crappie. Additionally, the lake is known to be abundant with a variety of other species such as walleye and northern pike. With its massive size of over 68,000 acres, there’s plenty of room to explore and find great spots.

Lake Taneycomo is another popular spot for crappie fishing. The lake is known to be one of the cleanest inland lakes in Missouri due to its strict regulations on boating and fishing.

The lake also has a variety of cover and structure providing plenty of hiding places for baitfish which attract hungry crappies. What’s more, anglers can take advantage of the many boat ramps located around the lake.

Kentucky Lake is one of the most renowned crappie fisheries in Tennessee. This massive reservoir stretches over 160 miles long with over 2 million acres perfect for exploring and locating great spots to fish from shore or boat. The lake also offers a wide variety of cover and structure which help attract baitfish which ultimately draw in crappies.


When it comes down to it, choosing which lake has the best crappie fishing really depends on what type of experience an angler is looking for. Each one mentioned above offers unique advantages that make them appealing for different reasons. Ultimately it’s up to personal preference when deciding where to pursue your next big catch!

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