What Kind of Rod Do You Use for Tarpon Fishing?

Tarpon fishing is a popular sport that has been around for centuries, and it has continued to evolve with the introduction of new technologies and techniques. The type of rod used when fishing for tarpon depends on the size of the fish, the kind of bait being used, and the angler’s skill level.

When Targeting large tarpon, it’s typically best to use a heavy action rod that is 8-10 feet in length and capable of casting heavy lures or live bait.

These rods are usually made from graphite or fiberglass and are designed to handle heavy loads without breaking or bending too easily. They also provide good control over large fish since they allow for longer casts with heavier baits.

For smaller tarpon, a medium action rod that is 6-7 feet in length is usually sufficient. These rods are usually made from graphite or fiberglass as well, but they are lighter in weight and more sensitive than their heavier counterparts. They can be used to cast lighter lures or live bait accurately without having to worry about overpowering the fish.

Finally, fly fishing rods can also be used when Targeting tarpon. Fly rods come in different lengths and actions depending on the size of fish being Targeted, but they tend to be shorter than conventional spinning or baitcasting rods. Fly rods are lighter in weight and provide precision when casting light lures or flies since they’re designed specifically for this purpose.


No matter what type of tarpon you’re after, there is a rod type that will fit your needs perfectly. Heavy action rods are best for larger fish while medium action rods will work well with smaller tarpon. And if you prefer fly fishing, then a fly rod is your best bet for precision casting with light lures or flies.

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