What Kind of Fishing Pole Do I Need for Salmon?

When it comes to fishing for salmon, having the right set-up is essential. You don’t want to be stuck with a light rod and reel that won’t handle the strength of a big fish. You also don’t want to be weighed down by something too heavy for the type of fishing you are doing. To find the right balance, you need to know what kind of fishing pole you need for salmon.

When it comes to salmon fishing, it’s important to have a medium-heavy rod and reel combo. This type of set-up will allow you to cast farther out into deeper waters where the bigger salmon like to hang out. It will also give you enough power and control when fighting a big fish so that you can bring it in without breaking your line or losing your lure.

In terms of length, an 8-9 foot rod is ideal for salmon fishing. This will give you enough reach without being too long and awkward for casting and fighting a fish. A shorter rod can work in some situations but it won’t give you as much control when fighting larger fish.

For reels, look for something with a good drag system that can handle up to 15 pounds of pressure. This will help ensure that your line won’t snap when playing a big fish or dragging in heavier lures. You should also look for something with a good gear ratio so that you have enough power and speed when reeling in your catch.


When choosing the right fishing pole for salmon, look for a medium-heavy rod around 8-9 feet long and pair it with a reel that has a good drag system and gear ratio capable of handling 15 pounds of pressure or more. With this kind of set-up, you’ll be able to cast out further into deeper waters where the big salmon like to hang out while still having enough power and control over your line when fighting large fish.

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