What Kind of Fish Do You Catch Fly Fishing in Montana?

Fly fishing in Montana is a popular sport among anglers, offering the opportunity to catch a variety of different fish species. The state is home to several cold water rivers and streams, most of which are well-stocked with trout.

In addition to trout, anglers can also find species like salmon and bass, and even some warm water species like catfish.

The primary trout species found in Montana’s rivers and streams are the rainbow trout and cutthroat trout. Rainbow trout are often stocked in many of the state’s larger rivers and can be caught on a variety of baits and lures. Cutthroat trout, on the other hand, are native to the waters of Montana and are typically caught using flies or small lures such as spinners or jigs.

For those looking for larger game fish, Montana also offers opportunities to catch salmon, bass and walleye. Salmon can be caught in the larger rivers during their spawning runs in late summer or fall. Bass can be found in many of the state’s larger lakes while walleye can be found in the deeper waters of some reservoirs.

In addition to these cold water species, anglers may also find some warm water species such as catfish or crappie. Catfish can be found in many lakes across Montana while crappie may be more difficult to locate but offer good action when they are found.

In conclusion, fly fishing in Montana offers an exciting opportunity for anglers looking to catch a variety of different fish species. From native cutthroat trout to salmon, bass and even warm water species like catfish, there is something for everyone who enjoys fishing this great state!

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