What Is the Thing at the End of a Fishing Pole Called?

Fishing is a beloved pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a great way to relax and enjoy nature, while getting in some quality time with family and friends.

One of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to fishing is the rod and reel. The rod is the long pole that you hold in your hands, while the reel is attached to it. But what many don’t know is that there’s something else attached to the end of the fishing pole – what is it called?

The thing at the end of a fishing pole is called a “hook” or “lure”. A hook is usually made out of metal, with a sharp point that can be used to catch fish.

The hook can be baited with bait or lures – these are items that attract fish, such as worms, insects, or even artificial lures such as spoons and spinners. Once a fish takes the bait or lure on the hook, you can then pull up your line with your rod.

In addition to hooks, there are also other types of accessories that can be added onto the end of your fishing line. Bobbers are popular among anglers who are trying to catch smaller fish. Bobbers act as indicators when there’s a bite on your hook – they float on top of the water and move suddenly when there’s a tug on your line.

Weights, also called sinkers, can be used if you want your bait or lure to sink down deeper into the water. Weights come in various sizes and shapes – some are round while others have more of an egg shape.

There are also swivels, which help keep your line from twisting up as you cast it out into the water. Swivels attach onto the end of your line and help keep it from tangling up.

The thing at the end of a fishing pole can be any combination of hooks, bobbers, weights or swivels – depending on what type of fish you’re trying to catch and how deep you want your bait or lure to go.


So, what is the thing at the end of a fishing pole called? It’s called either a hook or lure – depending on which accessory you’re using – but other items like bobbers, weights, and swivels may also be attached for extra functionality. Fishing poles come with various attachments so anglers have more control over their fishing experience – making their time spent out on the water even more enjoyable!

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