What Is the Purpose of a Swivel on a Fishing Line?

A swivel on a fishing line is an important piece of equipment that helps to prevent the line from twisting and tangling when casting, as well as helping to protect against breakage. The swivel also helps to keep the line and lure in a straight line when casting or trolling, which ensures that the lure or bait will be in the right spot for a successful catch.

When it comes to swivels, the type that is most frequently used is the one that utilizes ball bearings. These are compact metal balls that can spin smoothly inside their housing when tension is applied, enabling them to move in any direction without becoming entangled in the fishing line. Typically made of stainless steel, ball bearing swivels are specifically crafted to be resistant to corrosion, making them durable enough to withstand exposure to saltwater environments.

Another type of swivel is the roller bearing variety. These are similar to ball bearings, but instead of having free-rotating balls inside their casing, they have rollers that allow them to move around freely and reduce friction on the fishing line.

Roller bearings also have the advantage of being able to withstand higher pressures than ball bearings, making them better suited for heavier loads such as trolling or jigging.

In addition to providing protection against twisting and breakage, swivels can also help anglers cast more accurately by allowing them to adjust their rod angle while they are casting. This allows them to direct their lure or bait into a particular spot without having to change their grip on the rod every time they cast. This makes it easier for anglers to Target specific areas where fish may be hiding or feeding.


The purpose of a swivel on a fishing line is twofold: it helps prevent tangles and breakage when casting and trolling, as well as improving accuracy when Targeting specific areas with lures or bait. Ball bearing and roller bearing types are available depending on how heavy your load is, and both provide excellent corrosion resistance for saltwater conditions. Swivels can make a big difference in your success rate when out on the water!

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