What Is the Purpose of a Mizzen Sail?

A mizzen sail is a triangular sail that is located at the rear of a sailing vessel. It is hoisted on the mizzenmast, which is the smaller mast that is located behind the main mast. The purpose of a mizzen sail can vary depending on the type of vessel and its intended use.

Stability: One of the primary purposes of a mizzen sail is to provide stability to the vessel. This is particularly important when sailing in heavy seas or high winds. The mizzen sail helps to balance out the force generated by the mainsail, which is located on the mainmast.

Maneuverability: Another important purpose of a mizzen sail is to aid in maneuvering the vessel. When sailing upwind, for example, it can be difficult to turn the boat without losing speed. By using the mizzen sail to generate additional lift, sailors can more easily turn their vessel while maintaining speed.

Auxiliary Power: In some cases, a mizzen sail can even serve as an auxiliary power source for a sailing vessel. When there is little or no wind present, sailors can use their engines in combination with their mizzen sails to help propel their boats forward.

The Types of Mizzen Sails

There are several different types of mizzen sails that sailors may choose from depending on their specific needs and preferences.

Lateen Mizzen Sail

The lateen mizzen sail is one of the most common types of sails used on smaller sailing vessels. It has a triangular shape and is attached to both sides of the mast with ropes or lines known as “sheets.” The lateen sail allows for easy maneuvering and provides good stability in moderate winds.

Gaff Mizzen Sail

The gaff mizzen sail is a larger sail that is typically used on larger sailing vessels. It has a rectangular shape and is attached to the mast using a gaff, which is a wooden spar that runs horizontally across the sail. The gaff sail provides more power and stability than the lateen sail, but it can also be more difficult to maneuver.


In conclusion, the purpose of a mizzen sail can vary depending on the type of vessel and its intended use. However, whether it’s providing stability, aiding in maneuverability, or serving as an auxiliary power source, the mizzen sail is an essential component of any sailing vessel. By understanding its purpose and choosing the right type of mizzen sail for your needs, you can help ensure a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

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