What Is the ID for a Fishing Rod in Unturned?

Fishing rods are one of the most important items in the game Unturned. Players can use them to catch fish and get various resources, such as food, crafting materials, and currency.

In order to craft a fishing rod in Unturned, players must first find the ID for a fishing rod.

The ID for a fishing rod in Unturned is “ID_FishingRod”. This can be found on the official Unturned website as part of the item list under “Tools”.

Once players have this information, they can craft a fishing rod by opening their inventory and selecting the “Crafting” tab. Then, they should select “Tools” and then select “Fishing Rod” from the list of available items. Finally, they should enter “ID_FishingRod” into the search bar to craft a fishing rod.

Players can also find a fishing rod in various locations around the map without having to craft it themselves. These locations include rivers and lakes, as well as certain buildings or locations that contain loot boxes or chests with fishing rods inside them. Fishing rods can also be purchased from traders, who are NPCs that appear randomly throughout the game world.

In addition to crafting and finding fishing rods in-game, players can also purchase them from third-party websites or through Steam Community Market. Players should be aware that any items purchased through third-party websites may not be legitimate or safe to use in-game.


The ID for a fishing rod in Unturned is “ID_FishingRod” and can be found on the official website or within various locations around the map. Players may also purchase a fishing rod from traders or through third-party websites if they wish, but should be aware that these items may not be legitimate or safe to use in-game.

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