What Is the Dog’s Name in the Subaru Forester Canoe Commercial?

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and it’s no surprise that they often steal the spotlight in commercials. One such commercial that has gained attention is the Subaru Forester Canoe commercial.

If you’ve watched this heartwarming ad, you might be wondering, “What is the dog’s name in the Subaru Forester Canoe commercial?” Well, let’s dive right into it!

The Subaru Forester Canoe Commercial:

In this captivating commercial, Subaru showcases its Forester model as a reliable and adventurous vehicle perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The commercial features a picturesque scene where a family embarks on a canoe trip with their furry companion.

The Dog Stealing Hearts:

The true star of the Subaru Forester Canoe commercial is undeniably the adorable dog who accompanies the family on their journey. This four-legged friend steals hearts with its playful antics and unwavering loyalty.

  • Playful Antics
  •  Unwavering Loyalty

The Dog’s Name:

Now, let’s answer the burning question – What is the dog’s name in this beloved Subaru commercial? Brace yourself because this information might make you smile even wider. The dog’s name in the Subaru Forester Canoe commercial is none other than “Luna.”

Why “Luna” Is a Perfect Fit:

The choice of naming the dog Luna adds an extra touch of charm to this already enchanting advertisement. The name “Luna” is derived from Latin origins and means “moon.” It perfectly captures the ethereal beauty and mysterious allure associated with night skies.

The Importance of Naming:

Naming plays a crucial role in creating a connection between viewers and characters, even if those characters are furry friends. By giving the dog a name, Subaru humanizes it and allows us to form an emotional bond.

The Power of Emotional Connection:

By naming the dog Luna, Subaru successfully taps into our emotions and creates a lasting impact. It reinforces the idea that Subaru cars are not just vehicles but companions for life’s adventures, always there to share in our joys and provide comfort.


In conclusion, the dog’s name in the Subaru Forester Canoe commercial is Luna. This small detail adds depth to the advertisement, captivating viewers and evoking a sense of warmth and connection. Subaru’s choice to name their furry companion showcases their attention to detail and commitment to creating memorable experiences for their audience.

So, the next time you watch this heartwarming commercial, remember Luna – the playful, loyal canine who made us fall in love with Subaru all over again!

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