What Is the Difference Between Salmon and King Salmon?

Salmon is a popular fish that’s enjoyed by people all around the globe. It’s a delicious and healthy source of protein that’s also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

However, when it comes to salmon varieties, there are different types available in the market. In this article, we will discuss the difference between salmon and king salmon.

What Is Salmon?

Salmon is a type of fish that belongs to the Salmonidae family. It’s found in both saltwater and freshwater bodies across the world. This fish has a distinctive pinkish-orange color, and its meat is flaky and tender.

What Is King Salmon?

King salmon, also known as Chinook salmon, is a specific variety of salmon that’s known for its large size and impressive flavor profile. These fish are found predominantly in the Pacific Ocean but can be found in other saltwater bodies as well.


One of the most notable differences between regular salmon and king salmon is their size. Regular salmon typically weighs between 1-5 pounds, while king salmon can weigh up to 100 pounds! The larger size of king salmon makes them great for feeding larger groups or families.


Another significant difference between these two types of fish is their taste. King salmon has a rich and buttery flavor that’s more intense than regular salmon. The high fat content in king salmon gives it a distinct nutty flavor that many people find appealing.


Since king salmon is rarer than regular salmon, it’s usually more expensive to purchase. Due to its large size and impressive flavor profile, this fish commands a higher price point than other types of seafood.

  • Regular Salmon Pros: more affordable than king salmon
  • Regular Salmon Cons: smaller in size and less flavorful than king salmon
  • King Salmon Pros: larger in size, has a rich and buttery flavor profile
  • King Salmon Cons: more expensive than regular salmon


In conclusion, salmon and king salmon are two different types of fish that vary in size, taste, and price. While regular salmon is more affordable and readily available, king salmon is a prized seafood that’s known for its impressive flavor profile and large size. Ultimately, the choice between these two types of fish comes down to personal preference and budget.

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