What Is the Difference Between Fishing and Fly Fishing?

Fishing and fly fishing are two different methods of angling, each with its own unique advantages, challenges, and techniques. Fishing is the more traditional way of angling and involves using bait, lures, or other type of attractants to catch fish. Fly fishing, on the other hand, is a more specialized method that requires the angler to use artificial flies as bait.


The most obvious difference between fishing and fly fishing is the type of equipment used. Fishing typically requires a rod and reel setup along with a line for tying the bait or lure onto the hook. Fly fishing usually requires a longer rod with a special type of line called fly line that is designed for casting artificial flies accurately.


The techniques employed when fishing are relatively simple compared to those used in fly fishing. Fishing involves casting or trolling the line out into the water and waiting for a bite from a fish.

Fly fishing involves an intricate combination of casting technique and presentation of the fly to entice a bite from fish. Fly fishermen must have an intimate knowledge of how fish feed in order to be successful at this method of angling.


Fishing can be done from both freshwater and saltwater sources while fly fishing is typically done in freshwater only due to the delicate nature of artificial flies being used as bait. The types of fish Targeted by these two methods also vary greatly; while both methods can Target many species, they are best suited for different types due to their respective techniques. Fishing tends to be best suited for larger gamefish such as bass or salmon while fly fishing tends to focus on smaller trout and panfish species due to its specialized nature.


In conclusion, there are some major differences between traditional fishing and fly fishing which include equipment used, techniques employed, and types of Targets sought out by each method. While both methods can be effective in catching fish, they each have their own advantages which must be taken into consideration when choosing which one is right for you.

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