What Is the Canoe Paddle Called?

Are you planning a canoeing adventure and wondering what the paddle is called? Look no further, as we delve into the world of canoeing and explore the different parts of this essential equipment. Let’s start by discussing what the paddle itself is called.

The Canoe Paddle

The paddle used in canoeing is simply called a canoe paddle. It is a long, narrow tool with a handle at one end and a blade at the other. The blade is typically flat or slightly curved, allowing for efficient propulsion through the water.

Parts of a Canoe Paddle

A canoe paddle consists of several parts that work together to help you navigate smoothly on the water. Let’s break them down:

  • Handle: The handle, also known as the grip or shaft, is the part of the paddle that you hold onto. It provides control and stability as you maneuver through different water conditions.
  • Throat: The throat is where the handle meets the blade.

    It plays an important role in transferring energy from your strokes to propel the canoe forward.

  • Blade: The blade is the wide, flat surface at one end of the paddle. It catches and pushes against the water to generate forward motion. Blades can vary in shape and size depending on personal preference and intended use.
  • Tips: Some paddles have reinforced tips to enhance durability and protect against damage caused by rocks or other obstacles in the water.

Paddle Materials

Paddles are made from various materials, each offering its own set of advantages and characteristics:

  • Wood: Wooden paddles are popular for their classic look and feel. They can be heavier than other materials but provide excellent durability and buoyancy.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass paddles are lightweight, strong, and resistant to warping.

    They offer a good balance between weight and performance.

  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber paddles are the lightest and strongest option available. They are ideal for those seeking high-performance paddles for racing or long-distance trips.
  • Plastic: Plastic paddles are affordable and highly durable, making them suitable for recreational use or beginners.


The paddle used in canoeing is called a canoe paddle. It consists of a handle, throat, blade, and sometimes reinforced tips. Canoe paddles can be made from various materials such as wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or plastic.

Now that you know what the paddle is called and its different parts, you can confidently embark on your canoeing adventure with the right knowledge to choose the perfect paddle for your needs. Happy canoeing!

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