What Is the Biggest Floating Lego Boat?

Lego has been a staple in the toy industry for decades, and their popularity continues to grow with new and exciting sets being released every year. One of the most fascinating Lego creations is the floating Lego boat, which has captured the attention of both children and adults alike. But what is the biggest floating Lego boat ever made?

Let’s dive into this topic and explore the world of Lego boats.

What are Lego Boats?

Lego boats are miniature models that can actually float on water. These models are typically made from plastic bricks and can range in size from small sailboats to larger ships. The designs vary greatly, with some being simple and others being incredibly complex.

The History of Lego Boats

Lego boats have been around since 1955 when they were first introduced as part of the Lego system of play. Over time, the designs have become more advanced, allowing for more intricate details and larger sizes.

The Biggest Floating Lego Boat

The biggest floating Lego boat ever created was built in 2016 by a group of creative enthusiasts in Germany. This impressive creation measured 7 feet long (2.13 meters) and consisted of over 200,000 individual bricks.

The boat was modeled after a ferry that travels between Germany and Denmark, known as the Scandlines Ferry. The designers spent over six months constructing this masterpiece, carefully piecing together each brick to create a fully functional vessel.

The boat was able to float due to its hollow interior design that allowed it to displace enough water to stay afloat. It was also equipped with a motor that allowed it to move through the water under its own power.

Other Impressive Lego Boats

While the Scandlines Ferry replica is undoubtedly impressive, there have been many other notable floating Lego boats created over the years.

One such creation was a model of the Titanic, which measured over 9 feet long (2.74 meters) and consisted of over 120,000 bricks. Another notable boat was a replica of the USS Missouri, which measured over 25 feet long (7.62 meters) and consisted of over 1 million bricks.


Lego boats are an incredible feat of engineering and creativity. From small sailboats to massive battleships, these models have captured the imagination of people around the world.

The biggest floating Lego boat ever created was an impressive replica of the Scandlines Ferry that measured 7 feet long and consisted of over 200,000 bricks. With new designs being created all the time, it’s exciting to think about what other impressive Lego boats may be on the horizon.

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