What Is the Best Trout Fishing Lake in Washington State?

Washington state is home to many amazing trout fishing lakes, each boasting its own unique set of characteristics that make it a great spot for anglers. From large, deep lakes to small, shallow streams, Washington has something for everyone looking to reel in a tasty trout.

For those looking for the best trout fishing lake in Washington State, Lake Chelan stands out as the top choice. Located in north-central Washington near the Canadian border, Lake Chelan is fed by two main tributaries and is home to a variety of species of fish including rainbow and brown trout.

This lake is ideal for all levels of anglers due to its deep depths and wide variety of trout species. With over 50 miles of shoreline and depths up to 1,500 feet, Lake Chelan has plenty of room for boats and other recreational activities such as swimming and kayaking.

Another great option for trout fishing in Washington state is Fish Lake. This lake is located in the Cascade Mountains near Mount Rainier National Park and offers anglers the opportunity to catch both rainbow and cutthroat trout.

The lake itself is relatively shallow with an average depth of less than 10 feet making it suitable for wading or float tubing if desired. There are also plenty of campgrounds nearby so anglers can make a full weekend out of their trip.

Finally, no list of great trout fishing locations in Washington would be complete without mentioning Rufus Woods Reservoir. Located on the Columbia River near Grand Coulee Dam, this reservoir offers anglers some excellent opportunities to catch big rainbow trout. The lake itself features plenty of structure making it ideal for trolling or drift fishing techniques as well as traditional casting methods.


When it comes to finding the best trout fishing lake in Washington State, you really can’t go wrong with any one of these three options – Lake Chelan, Fish Lake or Rufus Woods Reservoir – each offering its own unique set of characteristics that make them perfect spots for anglers looking to reel in some tasty trout!

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