What Is the Best Size Rod and Reel for Inshore Fishing?

Inshore fishing is a great way to spend the day, and for a successful day, you need the right gear. The size rod and reel you use is an important factor in your success. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best size rod and reel for inshore fishing: type of fish you are Targeting, type of water, and the size of your bait.

Type of Fish: If you plan on Targeting smaller species such as trout or flounder, then a lighter setup such as a 6-7 foot spinning rod with light action and a 1000-2500 size reel should work well. For larger species such as redfish or tarpon, then you will need something with more power like a 7-9 foot medium action rod and a 2500-4000 size reel.

Type of Water: If you plan on fishing in shallow water then you may want to opt for a shorter rod between 6-7 feet to give maximum maneuverability. If you plan on fishing in deeper water then go with something longer such as 8-9 feet so that you can cast further out into the depths.

Size of Bait: The size of your bait will also play an important factor in choosing the right setup. If you are using smaller baits such as shrimp or small crankbaits then something lighter like the 6-7 foot spinning rod with light action will do just fine. If using larger baits like live baitfish or large swimbaits then go with something heavier like the 7-9 foot medium action rod with 2500-4000 size reel.

With all these factors taken into consideration, it’s easy to find the best size rod and reel for inshore fishing. The type of fish, type of water and size of your bait should all be taken into account when deciding which setup is best for the day. With this knowledge under your belt, it’s time to get out there and start catching those inshore fish!

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