What Is the Best Sit on Kayak to Buy?

Are you on the hunt for the best sit on kayak to buy? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll dive into the top features and factors to consider before making your purchase. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, choosing the right sit on kayak can make all the difference in your water adventures.

Factors to Consider

Before we get into our top picks, let’s first discuss some important factors to consider when choosing a sit on kayak.

Intended Use

First and foremost, consider where you’ll be using your kayak. Will it be in calm lakes or rough ocean waters?

Do you plan on fishing or just leisurely paddling? Different kayaks are designed for different purposes, so it’s important to choose one that matches your intended use.

Size and Weight Capacity

The size of your kayak is also an important factor. Make sure it’s not only large enough for you but also has enough weight capacity for any gear or equipment you plan on bringing along with you. It’s always better to choose a kayak with a higher weight capacity than what you think you’ll need.

Stability and Maneuverability

For beginners or those looking for a more stable ride, look for kayaks with wider bases and flatter bottoms. However, if speed and maneuverability are important to you, look for kayaks with narrower bases and sharper bottoms.

Top Picks

Now that we’ve covered some important factors to consider, let’s take a look at our top picks for best sit on kayaks:

1. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

This versatile kayak is perfect for those who want options. It can be used as a tandem or solo kayak and has plenty of room for gear storage. Its wide base provides great stability for beginners, while its sharp bottom allows for easy maneuverability in rougher waters.

2. Perception Pescador Pro 12

For those looking to fish, the Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a great option. It has multiple rod holders and plenty of storage space for tackle and gear. Its wide base provides excellent stability while its sharp bottom allows for easy tracking and maneuverability.

3. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

This affordable kayak is perfect for beginners or those on a budget. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, with plenty of storage space for gear. Its wide base provides great stability, while its flat bottom makes it easy to maneuver in calm waters.


Choosing the best sit on kayak for your needs can be overwhelming, but by considering factors like intended use, size and weight capacity, and stability and maneuverability, you’ll be able to narrow down your options. Our top picks offer a variety of options for different needs and budgets. Happy kayaking!

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