What Is the Best Line for Crankbait Fishing?

Crankbait fishing is an incredibly popular way to catch fish, as it can be done in both freshwater and saltwater. Crankbaits are designed to mimic the look and action of baitfish, and when used properly can be highly effective for catching bass, walleye, pike, and other game fish. With the wide variety of crankbaits available on the market, it can be difficult to know which line is best for crankbait fishing.

Monofilament line is a great choice for crankbait fishing as it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Monofilament also has good stretch which helps absorb shock when a fish strikes your lure, making it less likely that you will lose your catch.

Additionally, monofilament provides good knot strength and has more abrasion resistance than other lines. The main drawback to monofilament is that it lacks sensitivity; this means you may not feel subtle bites from small fish.

Braided line is another popular choice for crankbait fishing due to its high sensitivity and strength. Braided line has no stretch which makes it ideal for feeling light bites from small fish.

It also has excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance which makes it perfect for fishing around structure such as rocks or logs. However, braided line can be expensive and its lack of stretch means that there is more chance of losing a big fish due to shock.

Fluorocarbon line is a good middle ground between monofilament and braided line. It has low stretch like braided line but with more sensitivity than monofilament making it ideal for crankbait fishing.

Fluorocarbon also has excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance making it suitable for fishing around structure as well. The main drawback to fluorocarbon is that it can be more expensive than other lines.


When choosing a line for crankbait fishing, the best option will depend on what kind of fish you’re Targeting and where you’ll be fishing. For general crankbait fishing in freshwater or saltwater, fluorocarbon line provides the best combination of sensitivity and strength while still being relatively affordable.

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