What Is the Best Kind of Fishing Line?

Fishing lines are an essential part of angling as they are used for both casting and catching fish. The type of fishing line used is dependent on a number of factors, including type of fish, water conditions, and the season.

Monofilament Lines Monofilament lines are the most common type of fishing line used in recreational angling. They are generally made from nylon and come in a variety of diameters and strengths.

Monofilament is a great choice for beginner anglers as it is easy to cast, has good knot strength, and is fairly abrasion-resistant. However, it does have some drawbacks such as being easily visible to fish in clear water conditions and having low shock strength when compared to other types of lines.

Braided Lines Braided fishing lines are constructed from multiple strands of fibre that are woven together. This gives them high strength compared to monofilament lines and also makes them more resistant to abrasion from rocks or coral beds.

Braided lines also have low stretch which makes them great for detecting subtle bites or for setting hooks with precision. However, they do tend to be more visible than mono lines and can be difficult to tie knots with due to their slippery nature.

Fluorocarbon Lines Fluorocarbon fishing lines are a relatively new innovation that offers anglers many advantages over traditional monofilament or braided lines. These lines are made from fluoropolymers which make them virtually invisible once submerged in water and also provide excellent abrasion resistance.

They also have excellent knot strength which makes them ideal for tying leaders or tippets when necessary. Fluorocarbon can be quite expensive compared to mono or braid but its superior qualities may make it worth the extra cost for serious anglers who want the best performance out of their tackle setup.


When choosing the best kind of fishing line for your needs, it’s important to consider the type of fish you’re Targeting, water conditions, seasonality and your budget. Monofilament is great for beginner anglers as it is easy to use but braided or fluorocarbon may offer superior performance in certain situations such as clear water or rocky bottoms where stealth is key. Ultimately there is no “one size fits all” solution so experiment with different types until you find what works best for you!

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