What Is the Best Glue to Fix a Fishing Rod?

The best glue to fix a fishing rod depends on the material of the rod, the type of break, and the desired strength of repair. Many anglers choose to use epoxy, as it provides a strong bond and can be used on many types of materials. The most important part of using epoxy is preparing the surfaces properly to ensure a successful repair. For more delicate repairs, superglue can be used to bond components without adding extra weight or bulk.

Finally, for more specialized uses, fishing rod resins are available that provide excellent adhesion and flexibility.


Epoxy is popular choice for repairing broken fishing rods because it bonds well with almost any material and creates a strong bond that can withstand wear and tear. To use epoxy properly it’s important to prepare the surfaces that need to be bonded. This involves cleaning off any dirt or dust from the surface with alcohol or acetone and then roughening up the area with sandpaper or steel wool so that the epoxy has something to adhere to. It’s also important to make sure you mix enough of the two parts together so that you get a consistent color throughout your mixture – this will ensure an even layer for maximum strength.

Super Glue

For more delicate repairs where extra strength isn’t necessary, super glue is an excellent choice. Super glue creates an almost instant bond when exposed to oxygen, making it great for small areas where precision is needed without adding extra bulk or weight. Some super glues also come in thicker formulas which make them ideal for repairing larger parts like reels and guides as they provide better coverage over larger areas than traditional super glue does.

Fishing Rod Resins

For more specialized uses such as repairing cracks in fiberglass rods there are special resins available specifically designed for use with fishing rods. These resins provide excellent adhesion while remaining flexible which allows them to move along with your rod when casting or reeling in a fish – something traditional glues cannot do. In addition, these resins also come in many different colors which makes them great for camouflaging any repairs you have made on your rod so they’re less visible when out on the water.


When choosing what type of glue is best for repairing your fishing rod it’s important to consider what type of material you’re working with, what kind of break you’re trying to fix, and how much strength you need from your repair job. Epoxy is generally considered one of the best options as it provides a strong bond while being able to be used on many different materials but if you’re looking for something lightweight and precise then super glue may be better suited for your needs and if you’re looking for something flexible then special fishing rod resins may be just what you need. Whichever option you choose just make sure that you prepare your surfaces properly before applying any adhesive so that your repair job will last long into future fishing trips!

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