What Is the Best Fishing Rod in BDO?

Fishing is an activity enjoyed by many people, from professionals to those who just want to relax and have some fun. There is no doubt that the best fishing rod for Black Desert Online (BDO) is the one that suits your style of play and fits your budget. BDO offers a wide variety of rods for all kinds of anglers, from beginners to experienced fishermen.

Types of Fishing Rods

The type of fishing rod you choose will depend on what type of fish you intend to catch. BDO offers a range of rods designed for freshwater or saltwater fishing, and there are also specialized rods designed for specific types of fish. If you’re not sure what type of rod you need, it’s always best to ask an experienced angler or a knowledgeable staff member at your local tackle shop.


The material used to make a fishing rod can also have a significant impact on its performance and durability. Most BDO rods are made from graphite, fiberglass, or carbon fiber materials.

Graphite rods offer greater sensitivity and increased strength. Fiberglass rods are more durable but less sensitive than graphite models. Carbon fiber rods are the lightest and most sensitive available.


BDO offers several features that can help anglers get the most out of their fishing experience. The type of reel is important as it affects the casting distance and accuracy.

Reels with larger line capacity can hold more line and offer longer casting distances, while smaller reels offer increased accuracy when Targeting small fish in tight spaces. Additionally, some BDO rods come equipped with cushioned handles which make them more comfortable to use over long periods.


The price range for BDO fishing rods varies depending on the quality and features included. Higher priced models often include extra features such as cushioned handles or reinforced tips which can improve performance in certain conditions.

However, if you’re looking for a good value-for-money option then there are plenty of lower priced models which still offer good quality components.


When it comes to choosing the best fishing rod in BDO, it really depends on what type of fish you intend to catch and what features you need in order to get the job done right. Different materials offer different levels of sensitivity and strength while various features can help improve accuracy or comfort over long periods. Ultimately, finding the right rod comes down to personal preference and budget but with so many options available there is sure to be something that suits your needs perfectly!

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