What Is the Best Fishing Rod BDO?

Fishing in the highly popular game, Black Desert Online (BDO), can be a great way to relax, make money, and experience a unique form of gameplay. However, one of the key ingredients to successful fishing is having the right gear – namely, the best fishing rod BDO has to offer. To help you make an informed decision on which rod to purchase for your fishing adventures, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options out there.

The Best Fishing Rods BDO Has To Offer

  • Shakatu’s Luxury Fishing Rod: One of the most powerful and sought-after rods in-game is Shakatu’s Luxury Fishing Rod. It has a high chance of catching rare and exotic fish, making it extremely valuable for avid fishers. It also comes with a unique and impressive design.
  • Tungrad Fishing Rod: This rod is a great option for those looking for something easy to use and affordable. It offers decent durability and great accuracy when casting line.

    Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing with its sleek black design.

  • Steel Fishing Rod: If you’re looking for something durable yet relatively affordable, then this is an ideal choice. The Steel Fishing Rod boasts impressive durability and accuracy when casting line into water bodies.
  • Epheria Marine Romantic Fishing Rod: This rod is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s both attractive and powerful. It has an increased chance of catching rare fish compared to other rods in-game and its design is sure to be noticed by other players when out on the waters.


When it comes to finding the best fishing rod BDO has to offer, it really boils down to what type of fishing you plan on doing. If you’re after rare or exotic fish then Shakatu’s Luxury Fishing Rod is an excellent choice; if you want something more affordable then Tungrad or Steel Fishing Rods are great options; finally if you want something aesthetically pleasing then Epheria Marine Romantic Fishing Rod should do the trick!

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