What Is the Best Fishing Bait for Lake Trout?

Lake trout are one of the most popular species of fish for recreational anglers. They can be found in many lakes and rivers throughout the United States and Canada. Because of their size and strength, they require special bait to successfully catch them.

Live Bait

One of the best baits for lake trout is live bait. Live bait includes worms, minnows, leeches, crayfish, frogs, etc.

Live bait gives off natural scents that attract lake trout. It also provides a more natural feel on the hook when the lake trout bites. The best live baits to use are minnows and worms as they are easy to acquire and will stay alive in cold water temperatures.

Artificial Bait

Another type of bait that is great for lake trout is artificial bait. Artificial lures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors which make them attractive to lake trout. The most popular types of artificial lures are spoons, spinners, crankbaits, jigs, and soft plastic baits.


When it comes to fishing for lake trout, both live bait and artificial lures can be effective options. Live bait provides a more natural feel on the hook which attracts fish while artificial lures provide more visual stimulation which can also be successful when Targeting lake trout. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference as there is no single “best” option when it comes to fishing for lake trout – experiment with different types of baits until you find what works best for you!

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