What Is the Average Price for Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a great way to explore the wonders of the underwater world. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, snorkeling is a fun and exciting way to experience all kinds of marine life. But how much does it cost to go snorkeling?

The answer depends on several factors, such as where you’re going, how long you’ll be snorkeling, and what type of equipment you’ll need. Generally speaking, the cost of snorkeling can range anywhere from $10-$100 per person. If you’re planning a family vacation to an exotic destination, like Hawaii or the Caribbean, then prices could be higher.

If you plan on doing some serious snorkeling, then you will need to invest in some basic gear like a mask and snorkel, fins, and possibly a wetsuit. The cost of these items can range from $30-$200 depending on quality and brand. It’s important to remember that if you plan on doing more than one trip out with your gear then it’s worth investing in quality materials so that they will last.

If you already have your own gear then renting equipment can also be an option. Most popular tourist destinations will have rental shops where you can rent out everything from masks and fins to wetsuits and floats at reasonable rates.

Another factor that can affect the overall cost of your snorkeling trip is the type of boat or tour company you use. Most tour companies offer packages that include equipment rental as well as transport to and from your destination. Prices for these packages can range anywhere from $50-$200 per person depending on the length and type of tour.


The average price for snorkeling varies widely depending on where you are going, how long you’ll be snorkeling for, what kind of equipment is needed, and which boat/tour company is used. Generally speaking though prices range from $10-$100 per person for basic rental equipment plus transport fees if applicable. For those with their own gear or who plan on taking multiple trips out with their equipment it may be worth investing in higher quality items which could increase costs accordingly.

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