What Is Sunline Fishing Line?

Sunline fishing line is a popular choice among anglers, due to its superior strength, durability and smoothness. This line is made from a special polymer called fluorocarbon, which gives the line its unique properties.

Sunline fishing line is renowned for its exceptional knot strength, tensile strength and abrasion resistance. This makes it ideal for any type of fishing, from light freshwater to heavy saltwater.

Strength: Sunline fishing line has an incredibly strong bond between the individual fibers that make up the line. This gives it an overall higher breaking strain than other lines on the market, making it ideal for larger fish species such as tuna and marlin. The high knot strength of Sunline fishing line also ensures that your knots won’t slip or break under pressure.

Durability: Sunline fishing line is highly resistant to abrasion and UV radiation, making it an excellent choice for saltwater angling. Unlike some other lines, this one won’t break down over time due to sun exposure or wear and tear from casting into rocky areas or coral reefs. It also has a low memory rate, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming tangled or knotted during long days of fishing.

Smoothness: The fluorocarbon material used in Sunline’s construction gives the line an ultra-smooth texture that reduces friction when casting and retrieving lures. This means you can cast farther, with less effort and fewer tangles in your rig.


Sunline Fishing Line is a great choice for serious anglers who want a reliable product with superior strength, durability, and smoothness. Its high knot strength and abrasion resistance make it ideal for saltwater fishing, while its low memory rate ensures easier casting with fewer tangles in your rig. No matter what type of angling you do, Sunline Fishing Line is sure to last season after season without breaking or losing its effectiveness.

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