What Is PE Braided Fishing Line?

What Is PE Braided Fishing Line?

PE braided fishing line is a type of fishing line made from polyethylene (PE). It is constructed by weaving multiple strands of PE together, creating a sturdy and durable fishing line. Compared to monofilament fishing lines, PE braided fishing lines are stronger, thinner, and more abrasion-resistant. They also have improved knot strength and castability, making them a great choice for anglers who want to maximize their catch.

The most common types of PE braided fishing lines on the market today are 4-strand and 8-strand varieties. The 4-strand variety is the most popular type of PE braided line and is often used by beginners due to its relative ease of use.

It has good strength and abrasion resistance, but it’s not as strong or as thin as 8-strand varieties. The 8-strand variety is much stronger than the 4-strand variety and is often used by experienced anglers who need to land bigger fish.

When selecting a PE braided fishing line, it’s important to consider the size of the fish you’ll be Targeting. Heavier lines are better suited for larger fish while lighter lines are better for smaller fish. It’s also important to look at the diameter of the line; thicker lines offer more strength but can be more difficult to cast with accuracy. Finally, it’s important to consider the water conditions you’ll be fishing in; saltwater conditions require a specially designed saltwater grade line.


PE braided fishing lines offer anglers an exceptional combination of strength, durability, knot strength, and castability that makes them a great choice for any situation. With careful consideration given to size and water conditions, any angler can find the perfect PE braided fishing line for their needs.

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