What Is Live Line Fishing?

Live line fishing is a unique and exciting way to catch fish. It involves the use of live bait, such as worms, insects or even small fish, to catch larger fish.

The bait is attached to a long line and then cast into the water. The angler then waits for a bite and reels in the catch when they feel a tug on their line.

Fishing with a live line provides an exhilarating adventure that cannot compare to other methods. While anticipating a catch, your senses are sharpened, attuned to any shift in the water or on your line. When you first feel a tug and begin to reel in your prize, it is a truly exhilarating moment.

The type of bait used for live line fishing varies depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch. Worms are often used as bait for larger game fish such as bass, while smaller insects may be used to Target smaller species like trout or panfish. Live minnows can also be used as bait for larger species such as walleye or musky.

The equipment needed for live line fishing is fairly basic and can usually be purchased at most sporting goods stores. You will need some type of rod and reel combination, weights or bobbers if desired, hooks, swivels and other tackle items.

Live line fishing is an exciting way to catch fish that requires patience and skill. It offers a unique angling experience that is both challenging and rewarding when you land your catch. With the right equipment and bait selection, live line fishing can yield some great catches!


Live line fishing is an exciting form of angling that utilizes live bait attached to a long line cast into the water. It offers an adrenaline-filled experience that cannot be matched by other forms of fishing while offering great rewards when successful. Live line fishing requires patience and skill but with the right equipment and bait selection it can yield some great catches!

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