What Is Japanese Fly Fishing Called?

Japanese fly fishing is a unique type of fishing that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a style of fishing that utilizes specialized techniques and gear to catch fish. Fly fishing originated in Japan and has since been adapted by anglers around the world.

In Japanese fly fishing, instead of using traditional bait or lures, the angler employs a technique called tenkara. Tenkara uses long telescopic rods, specialized flies, and lighter line to catch fish. The technique requires agility and finesse as tenkara fishermen must be able to accurately cast their line into tight areas in order to successfully land a catch.

Japanese fly fishermen also use specialized flies known as Kebari flies. These are small, lightweight flies designed specifically for tenkara-style fishing.

Kebari flies come in different shapes and sizes so anglers can choose the one that best suits their specific conditions. They are often tied with natural materials such as feathers or fur to imitate various types of aquatic insects that fish feed on.

In addition to tenkara and Kebari flies, Japanese fly fishermen also use specialized equipment such as nets, long-handled gaffs, and special lines called “level lines” which help them maintain the correct depth while casting their line. This equipment is designed to provide the angler with better control over their line while allowing them to be more precise with their casts and retrieve their catches more quickly.

Due to its finesse-oriented style of fishing, Japanese fly fishing has become increasingly popular among anglers around the world who seek a challenge when it comes to catching fish without relying on traditional bait or lures. The techniques used by Japanese fly fishermen provide an interesting way for anglers to spend time outdoors while still being able to land impressive catches with minimal effort on their part.

In conclusion, Japanese fly fishing is an exciting type of fishing with its own unique techniques and gear that make it stand out from other types of angling practices around the world. From tenkara rods to Kebari flies and level lines, there are many specialized tools available for anglers who want to experience this unique style of fishing for themselves.

So what is Japanese fly fishing called? In short: it’s an excellent way for anyone interested in catching fish in a novel way!

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