What Is Fly in Fishing?

Fly fishing is a type of angling that relies heavily on the use of artificial lures, called “flies”, to catch fish. The flies are typically made from feathers, fur, or other materials and resemble the natural food sources of the fish in the water. Fly fishing is more challenging than traditional angling techniques due to the fact that it requires greater skill and precision in order to be successful.

Fly fishermen typically use a fly rod, which is a long and flexible rod that allows for greater accuracy when casting. The fly line is attached to the rod and serves as an intermediary between the fisherman and the fly. It provides weight for casting, as well as adding momentum when retrieving a fish. Fly lines come in different weights and sizes depending on the type of fish being Targeted.

In addition to fly rods and lines, fly fishermen also use specialized reels specifically designed for fly fishing.

The reels help keep line tension consistent while allowing for swift retrieval of caught fish. Similarly, they also use various types of specialized tackle such as leaders, tippets, strike indicators, split-shot weights and other items that help facilitate successful catches.

The flies used in fly fishing are usually made from natural or synthetic materials such as fur or feathers. Each type of fly is designed to resemble certain types of insects or aquatic creatures that fish feed on naturally in their environment. Experienced anglers can often identify which type of fly will be most effective when Targeting a certain species of fish.

Fly fishing can be very rewarding if done correctly; however it does require patience and practice to become proficient at it. It is important for anglers to understand their Target species’ habitat and feeding habits so they can select the best flies for success. With time and dedication any angler can become an expert at using this technique.


Fly fishing is an exciting form of angling that requires skillful precision when casting flies into waters where Target species are found. It utilizes specialized equipment such as rods, lines, reels, tackle and specially crafted artificial flies designed to resemble natural food sources consumed by the Target species. When done correctly it can be very rewarding; however it takes practice and patience to become proficient at this sport.

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