What Is Difference Between Swimming and Snorkeling?

Swimming and snorkeling both take place in the water, but they are two very different activities. Swimming is an activity that involves using your arms and legs to propel yourself through the water.

It is typically a leisurely activity and can be done for exercise, recreation, or competition. Snorkeling, on the other hand, is a watersport that involves using a breathing tube and mask to observe underwater life.

Swimming requires physical exertion to move through the water while snorkeling requires minimal movement to stay afloat. Swimmers require specialized equipment such as swimsuits, goggles, caps, and fins while snorkelers only need a mask and snorkel tube.

Additionally, swimming is typically done in pools or open bodies of water with no aquatic life while snorkeling takes place in more exotic locations with abundant marine life.

Swimming can help build strength and endurance while snorkeling provides an opportunity to explore marine ecosystems up close. Swimming can also be used for exercise or relaxation whereas snorkeling is usually an adventure that entails exploring reefs or wrecks. Both activities involve being in the water but offer different experiences.


In conclusion, swimming and snorkeling are two distinct activities that involve being in the water but have different requirements, equipment needs, and end results. Swimming involves physical exertion in order to move through the water while snorkeling requires minimal movement and offers an up-close look at underwater life.

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