What Is Better Jaw Fossil or Sail Fossil?

What Is Better Jaw Fossil or Sail Fossil?

When it comes to the world of Pokémon, fossils have always played an intriguing role. These ancient remnants of prehistoric creatures can be revived through the power of scientific technology, allowing trainers to add unique and powerful Pokémon to their teams. Among the various types of fossils available, two popular choices are the Jaw Fossil and the Sail Fossil.

But which one is better? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

The Jaw Fossil:

The Jaw Fossil is a fascinating fossil that, when revived, gives life to Tyrunt, a dual-type Rock/Dragon Pokémon. This ferocious creature possesses strong physical attacks and has a formidable base stat total of 362.

Its abilities include Strong Jaw, which empowers biting moves like Crunch and Thunder Fang.

With its impressive Attack stat and access to powerful moves like Dragon Dance and Head Smash, Tyrunt can be a valuable asset in battles. Additionally, its typing grants it resistances against Electric, Flying, Poison, Fire, Normal, and Rock moves.

This makes it a formidable opponent against several types of Pokémon.

The Sail Fossil:

On the other hand, reviving the Sail Fossil brings Amaura back to life—a Rock/Ice type Pokémon with an elegant appearance. Amaura boasts a base stat total of 362 as well but excels in Special Attack rather than Physical Attack like Tyrunt.

Amaura’s ability Snow Warning summons hailstorms upon entering battle, which can damage opposing non-Ice-type Pokémon over time. With access to moves like Aurora Beam and Ancient Power as well as an impressive Special Defense stat, Amaura can prove to be a strategic choice on your team.

Which One Is Better?

Determining which fossil is better ultimately depends on your preferences and team composition. If you favor a hard-hitting physical attacker with a versatile move pool, Tyrunt is the way to go.

Its Rock/Dragon typing provides excellent offensive coverage, allowing it to deal heavy damage to a variety of opponents.

On the other hand, if you value a Pokémon with a unique typing and special attacking prowess, Amaura is an excellent choice. Its Rock/Ice typing gives it useful resistances against Flying, Normal, Poison, and Ice moves while providing access to powerful Ice-type attacks to exploit opposing weaknesses.


In conclusion, both the Jaw Fossil and Sail Fossil offer intriguing Pokémon choices that can make valuable additions to your team. Whether you prefer the power and versatility of Tyrunt or the strategic options provided by Amaura, both fossils have their merits.

Consider your team’s needs and playstyle before making a decision. So go ahead, embark on an exciting adventure, unearth these ancient fossils, and unleash their potential!

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